5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Broadband for Video Gaming

Video gaming is a bandwidth-heavy process, every gamer can attest to this. You need fast internet to download gaming patches, to run the frequent gaming updates and to keep playing.

The question is, how then can you be assured that you are getting the best broadband for online video games? This article discusses all the key factors to consider when choosing broadband for video games.

1. What do other people say?

People’s opinion on products and services largely influences customers purchase patterns. A person is likely to purchase services or products from a store recommended to them by their friends or other people.

Therefore, one of the basic steps to finding the right broadband is comparing reviews and feedback from other gamers.

By reading reviews you can easily find cheap internet services that are reliable for gaming.

An independent review website like Britain reviews.co.uk has a collection of reviews from different categories including internet providers and you can also compare electronic stores in the UK to find the right shops to purchase your gaming consoles and accessories.

2. What are your options?

After scouting out for the best internet providers recommended, it comes down to what options can work for you.

Locality, pricing, speeds, are some key factors to consider when looking at your options.

3. Which type of broadband is the best for gaming?

Broadbands come in 4 main types of high-speed internet. Each with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s look at them individually to determine which option is the best.

  • Cable internet – Cable internet is delivered through fibre optic and coaxial cables directly to your home and the speed is not affected by the distance from your provider. In terms of speed of the major negatives is that it is affected by traffic. when is the height of accusing the internet then the speed will slow down?
  • Fibre Optic Service – Fibre optic internet connectivity and much faster than both DSL and cable internet and their speed can go up to 2000 Mbps. they are less likely to be affected by traffic.
  • DSL (Direct subscriber line) – internet from a direct subscriber line is provided through telephone lines And therefore the speed is determined based on how far or how close you are to your providers’ office or exchange.
  • Satellite internet Satellite internet is the internet accessed from satellite dishes. They carry the most disadvantaged in the least because they are affected by weather and location from the main provider’s dish.

From the foregoing cable internet and fibre-optic services turned out to be the most reliable in terms of which broadband is the best for gaming.

Their speeds are much reliable, faster and they are not affected by distance from the provider which guarantees a gamer stable gaming experience.

4. What speed is best for video gaming?

There are some things to consider when deciding the right speed that is best for video gaming.

Upload and download speed, gaming console, game streaming, and PC resolutions.

When Live game streaming online you will need faster upload speed for streaming and regular gaming preferably download speed for running updates.

Live streaming on very high resolution requires at least 35 Mbps upload speed for a smoother better streaming experience.

On average it is fair to say that both download and upload speed matter when video gaming.

Gaming devices also create a variance in the minimum speed needed for video games. Game console manufacturers recommend about 3 Mbps – 6 Mbps for the least.

The type of game also matters because some games require over 175 GB i.e Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Taking all this into consideration of their phone recommend gaming with at least 35 Mbps or more for a smooth experience.

5. How much do you want to spend?

Internet speed and type on internet connectivity and the two major factors that internet providers consider when pricing internet services.

The faster internet speed you get on a fast internet connectivity type then the higher the price you have to pay. The slower the internet speed the lower the cost.

Pricing often is not things the consumer gets a say on. You are given a fixed rating already predetermined on different options/packages/bundle plans.

A factor to also consider when deciding how much you want to spend is the contract time. Over the Thanksgiving holiday or otherwise, the Black Friday sales many internet providers were offering huge discounts on a longer contract term.

Be prepared to spend about £30 a month or £400 a year for good internet for gaming.